Power Homes in Uganda with Lights and Radio

Transform off-grid homes with solar home systems and energy access



smallsolutions is adding a new solar product for their retail network to sell throughout Uganda. The new product is the Fosera Pico Solar Home System (PSHS), a more advanced solar energy system that's capable of powering several lights, a radio, and mobile phone charging at once. The Fosera PSHS satisfies the growing demand of customers who want high capacity solar energy for their homes.

smallsolutions will promote the Fosera PSHS through their retail partners and trained sales agents. First, smallsolutions provides initial product training, marketing tips, and incentives so their retail partners and sales agents are well equipped to start selling. Second, smallsolutions will ensure customers are happy with their purchases by providing after-sales support. Third, families enjoy clean and affordable solar energy at home while saving money and stopping kerosene use!




This $14,000 loan will help finance 125 units of Fosera PSHS for families in Uganda who are ready to go solar for all of their energy needs. The projected impact from this project:



The Fosera Pico Solar Home System (PSHS) is an autonomous and mobile energy system that can be used for rural electrification. It comes with a set of either 2 or 4 LED lights and a radio, all of which can be powered simultaneously while also charging mobile phones. Multiple Fosera systems can be connected to increase the systems' total capacity and enable households to power more devices at once. The Fosera PSHS has a 2 year warranty and product lifetime of 5 years. The price of the Fosera system starts at $138 for a 2 light system with radio and phone charging and about $153 for a 4 light system with radio and phone charging.


100% Funded

with Solar Empowerment Fund


This project is fully funded!


smallsolutions Technology Consultants is a Uganda-based social enterprise providing renewable energy and human development solutions at the grassroots level in East Africa. While smallsolutions started as a non-profit organization, it soon realized that in order to meet customer demand it should shift towards a commercially-oriented model and take control of its growth. Still, the company can't always meet the huge demand it faces for solar solutions from the communities it serves. This is where you come in!


smallsolutions has two types of outreach models to reach its customers nationwide in Uganda:

1) A retail network of individual sales agents and small businesses that operates at the local community level. They provide these partners with training, marketing, promotional support in the form of road shows, radio interviews and advertising as well as mentoring, follow-ups and incentives to drive sales. The network currently consists of about 300 authorized sales agents and small retail partners.

2) Partnerships with institutional and retail partners consisting of small, medium and large scale MFIs, NGOs and commercial partners who have existing distribution networks. smallsolutions distributes solar products and training to members and affiliates of these organizations.

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