Bright Children, Bright Future

Help supply over 8,000 solar powered lights to Kenyan families



  • 34,630 people impacted with solar energy. Through the sales of over 8,000 units of d.light S2, thousands of families will reduce  if not fully end their kerosene usage and begin their switch to a fully solar-powered home.

  • Annual savings of $78 on energy. Families were accustomed to spending $112 a year on kerosene and cellphone charging, which is about 30% of their annual household income. With a solar light, they'll reduce that spending by almost 30%, which gives them a much needed opportunity to keep their income and save money. 

  • 167 kg of CO2 emissions displaced annually per family. The environmental impact of thousands of families switching to solar is tremendous. Over the lifetime of the product, each family will have displaced 500 kg of CO2 emissions. 





This is the fifth overall project and first in Kenya in the SunFunder-SunnyMoney partnership. Demand for solar energy in rural Kenya is fast on the rise, and the SunnyMoney team there is busier now than ever to meet the growing demand. The team's latest achievement is selling 3,000 units in one week, and they expect to sell more in the coming year. The primary purpose of this loan is to help the SunnyMoney Kenya team manage their inventory and prevent back orders of solar products.

Like previous SunnyMoney projects, this project will rely on partnerships with schools to distribute solar lights to communities in Kenya. There are essentially three steps to the Solar Schools campaign. First, each solar school partnership starts with a meeting with the school Headteacher and solar light demonstrations for students and teachers to generate interest. Second, every Headteacher will then collect solar light orders from students and teachers and submit them to SunnyMoney. Third, the SunnyMoney team will make multiple return trips to the school to deliver the solar lights, so students and teachers can start reading and studying under bright lights at night!




The d.light S2 is the ultra affordable study lantern. By upgrading from a kerosene lamp to the d.light S2, students are able to double their study time which can have a positive impact on grades and performance in school. With 4 hours of bright, focused light every night that can be oriented in any direction, it is the ideal entry-level product for families looking to switch to solar.


Photos courtesy of d.light design, SunnyMoney, and Patrick Bentley.

100% Funded

with Solar Empowerment Fund


This project is fully funded!


SunnyMoney is a social enterprise that sells quality solar lights in Malawi, Zambia, Kenya and Tanzania, reducing reliance on expensive, poor quality fuels such as kerosene and disposable, short life batteries.

SunnyMoney is a subsidiary of SolarAid, a UK-based charity that intends to eliminate the kerosene lamp from Africa by distributing affordable solar energy products that improve users’ lives and health. Founded in 2006 by solar industry experts, SolarAid and its partners have sold almost 732,000 lights operating in Zambia, Kenya, Malawi, and Tanzania with expansions planned in the coming years.


SunnyMoney is now the biggest seller of solar lights in Africa. In Kenya, SunnyMoney sells solar lights throughout the country through its solar schools campaign. To date the SunnyMoney team in Kenya has sold 183,000 solar lights, and with your help, this number will grow exponentially in the coming months!

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