Solar home systems for off-grid Uganda

This $10,000 loan will finance 50W solar home systems in Masaka



  • A $10,000 loan will help SolarNow sell fifty 50W solar home systems total: 40 units to rural households and 10 units to businesses.
  • Each 50W system powers 6 lights, cellphone charging and radio for the 10 year lifetime of the system.

The projected impact from the solar home systems:



There are three reasons why SolarNow solar home systems make switching from kerosene to solar easier than ever:

  1. They are affordable. SolarNow offers a 12 monthly installment pay plan, allowing customers who can't afford an upfront cash payment to pay over time while stopping kerosene use immediately. 
  2. They are hassle-free. Every SolarNow product comes with full installation by trained technicians, user training, and one year free maintenance, removing customers' worries about not knowing how to use the system properly.
  3. They are flexible. SolarNow products range from 50W to 400W and are modular, so customers can easily and gradually upgrade their solar home systems to meet their rising energy demand over time. 

With over 30 franchise stores in the country, SolarNow customers also know exactly where to go to get support. 

80% of Uganda’s population lack access to electricity, which puts a total of 4 million households off the grid. These households currently spend $4 a week on kerosene, battery charging, drycell batteries, and candles for lighting needs. Of the off-grid households, 1.3 million have disposable incomes that allow them to purchase better quality lighting. These are the ones who will first leapfrog the electricity grid and pave the way for others to join them in switching to solar from kerosene.



All SolarNow products, including the 50W solar home systems in this project, come with full installation, user training and a one-year free maintenance agreement. All product components have manufacturers' warranty ranging from 2 to 20 years. 

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This project is fully funded!


SolarNow provides affordable, high quality solar home systems to off-grid households and businesses in Uganda. Their solar home systems range 40 to 400 watts and because they’re modular and can be upgraded over time. Through their network of franchises and by offering a 12-month payment plan to their customers, SolarNow makes solar accessible and affordable for rural, low-income households. Since 2011, SolarNow has sold over 2,000 solar home systems.


Loan term: 12 months

Repayment schedule: every 3 months

Interest rate: principal repayment only

Impact points: equivalent to 3.5% of interest

Repayment Date Status
1 January 2014 Repaid
2 April 2014 Repaid
3 July 2014 Repaid
4 October 2014 Repaid


Masaka is a district located to the west of Lake Victoria and southwest of Kampala. It has a population of about 876,000 people, 89% of whom live in rural areas and are mostly farmers. Less than 1% of the district's population have access to electricity.

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