ReadySet, Charge!

Outfit micro-entrepreneurs with ReadySet solar chargers to power their communities



Fenix International is working with the Kinyara Sugar SACCO (Savings and Credit Cooperative) to make ReadySet solar phone chargers available to 75 Kinyara Sugar workers on credit. The SACCO was set up to help Kinyara Sugar workers to save money and access loans for small investments or unexpected expenses. The ReadySet charger will empower workers and their families to earn as much as $40 in additional income each month by providing cell phone charging services that connect their community to new services such real-time pricing of their crops, mobile health information, and mobile banking. The ReadySet also provides savings by powering bright, clean and efficient LED lights to replace dim, dirty and expensive kerosene lamps.



There are plenty of benefits from using a ReadySet:

  • Energy savings. Hard earned cash previously spent on mobile phone charging and kerosene can now be spent on other needs.

  • New earnings. In addition to the money saved, families can now make extra income as a “micro-utility” by offering solar-powered cell phone or LED lantern charging services to neighbors.

  • Better health and safety. Families no longer need to worry about acid burns or electrocution from using car batteries to charge their cell phones or children getting burned or the risk of fire from using kerosene lamps. Every family member can now breathe smoke-free air at home in the evenings and stay connected to the global economy.

Masindi has an average household size of 5. ReadySet entrepreneurs operating elsewhere in Uganda typically charge about 50 phones every week, impacting customers who indirectly benefit from the ReadySet. With these assumptions, we estimate this project will have the following impact:


*Once a family invests in a ReadySet, they can begin to generate income as well as free up a substantial portion of their income, which can be spent on other necessities such as food, healthcare and education.




The ReadySet charges from an included 15W solar panel, or from the grid, to provide up to 30 hours of LED lighting or power up to 10 mobile phones on a full charge. The ReadySet can be expanded to utilize up to five 15W panels for a total of 75W, providing multiplied energy for more clean lighting, phone charging, radio and additional services.

100% Funded

By 125 People

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This project is fully funded!


Fenix International is a startup based in San Francisco with offices in Uganda and across East Africa. Their mission is to design and deliver world-changing clean energy solutions to over 1.3 billion people living without power in emerging markets.

The Fenix ReadySet is a smart battery that empowers village entrepreneurs to supply safe, reliable, life-changing electricity to their communities to power mobile phones, lights, water purifiers and even medical devices. The ReadySet’s patent-pending firmware and electronics enable it to be charged from virtually any source of energy including solar, micro-wind, micro-hydro and even a bicycle dynamo to ensure year-round access to sustainable energy.


Repayment term: 12 months

Repayment schedule: every 3 months

Interest rate: principal repayment only

Impact points: equivalent to 3.5% annual interest rate

Repayment Date Status
1 December 2013 Repaid
2 March 2014 Repaid
3 June 2014 Repaid
4 September 2014 Repaid


Kinyara Sugar Works Ltd is a sugar manufacturing company, based in Masindi in Western Uganda. The factory employs approximately 3,000 permanent staff and 4,000 part time staff. The majority of workers are manual laborers, performing duties such as cutting sugar cane in the fields or working on the factory floor. Typically these laborers live at the base of the economic pyramid and earn between 90 and 130 USD per month. After their day to day expenses, such as food, transport, charcoal and kerosene, little money is left for savings.

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