Propel Zamsolar Solar Scouts

Fund the first solar inventory for direct sales agents in Kabwe and Mumbwa

Meet Patson. Patson is 48 years old and married with four children. He farms a small plot of land and sells extra maize for money at harvest time.

Since he joined the Zamsolar Solar Scout program, he has a new routine in his life. Each day he wakes up early in the morning, straps a box of products onto his bike, and rides as far as 30 kilometers away to explain solar technology to new customers.  

Now he is earning significantly more stable income than before and can pay for his children's school tuition. He is also proud to be helping his neighbors get affordable and money-saving solar lighting and phone charging.

Your loan will help to create more stories like Patson's and power rural Zambia, one empowered Solar Scout at a time.




A $10,000 loan will propel 50 new Zamsolar Solar Scouts in Kabwe and Mumbwa with an inventory of solar lights and cellphone chargers. This not only creates local jobs, but also has great benefits for their communities! 

1) Impact for Solar Scouts

  • Financial stability. Solar Scouts earn a 15% return on each product. Strong sellers can turn over their entire inventory once a week, potentially doubling their income.

  • Respect in the community. Solar Scouts are usually part-time farmers or unemployed youth in rural villages that have high school diplomas and plenty of ambition, but few opportunities. As they sell products, they build positive reputation because of their expertise on solar technology and their critical role in providing valuable products that are in high demand.


2) Impact for Zamsolar customers, mostly subsistence farmers
  • More productive hours in a day. Having light at night means farmers can tackle more chores or enjoy more leisurely activities, like reading, at night.

  • Better health and safety. By no longer using candles or kerosene lamps, the risk of fires is eliminated. Additionally, families no longer have to breathe in toxic fumes from kerosene lamps, which reduces their  chances of contracting respiratory illnesses. 






All Solar Scouts sell the same product:



Sun King Pro by Greenlight Planet. Provides 15 hours of light on a single day's charge. It is remarkably brighter than a typical kerosene lantern and includes a mobile phone charging port. 

100% Funded

By 94 People

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This project is fully funded!


Zamsolar is a social enterprise that empowers a network of sales agents in rural villages and delivers solar products and other cost-saving and income-generating products to the 10 million Zambians who have no electricity. Their Solar Scout program provided more than 500 un-electrified families with safe, affordable, and clean light in rural Zambia through employing and training more than 100 Solar Scouts.


Repayment term: 12 months

Repayment schedule: every 3 months

Interest rate: principal repayment only

Impact points: equivalent to 3.5% annual interest rate

Repayment Date Status
1 October 2013 Repaid
2 January 2014 Repaid
3 April 2014 Repaid
4 July 2014 Repaid


Mumbwa and Kabwe, Zambia, our specific target markets, are large towns that serve as hubs for farmers. They serve as market centers for Central Province, which has 174,000 households that lack electricity. Most of these people will visit Mumbwa or Kabwe every few months to sell crops and purchase farming inputs and other necessities.

Mumbwa and Kabwe are both approximately two hours’ drive from Lusaka, minimizing the overhead costs required to serve these communities.

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