Solar for 4,500 Students

Finance SunnyMoney’s Solar Schools campaign in Mara



Last year, the SunnyMoney team sold over 200,000 solar products to Tanzanian households through their Schools campaign. Working closely with Headteachers, SunnyMoney is able to reach parents that wish to invest in the education of their children by providing them with a smoke-free, bright source of light to study. Let’s help SunnyMoney reach their goal of impacting almost 400,000 homes this year!




SunnyMoney's latest general impact findings from Tanzania:

  • Reduction in kerosene use. Over 90% of families who used kerosene have reduced their kerosene use since switching to solar. And each house can reduce kerosene usage by up to 75%, which makes a huge difference in their monthly spending.
  • Healthier lives. Families note they experience less eye problems, less coughing, and less chest congestion because they stopped inhaling toxic fumes that were emitted by kerosene lamps.
  • Improved student performance. Children are doing one more hour of study every night after they began to use a solar light.


Our estimated impact for this project:

*Once a family has invested in their solar light, they free up a large chunk of their weekly income, which can be spent on other necessities such as food, health and education.

"[The solar light] affects a lot because I have gotten rid of buying kerosene and it is not in my daily budget anymore. Furthermore, my children are now studying at home at night without any pressure of power shortage."

– Rufina Swai, Itembweni School, Tanzania

“I have reduced the eye problems I get [from using kerosene lamps], and my children are also not facing this problem anymore,  which helps them study for longer durations now.” 

– Paul Shirima, Shimbi School, Tanzania

“I use [the solar light] for expanding my business.”

– Amedeus Swai, Tanzania





4,438 S2 units. Provides four hours of light on a full day’s charge using highly efficient LEDs. It provides a focused light which is ideal for studying.




126 S300 units. Has four brightness settings to give users flexibility for different activities. Provides up to 16 hours of bright light and 100 hours as a night-light. A USB port enables mobile phone charging.

100% Funded

By 172 People

$0 to go

out of $25,000 Target

This project is fully funded!


SunnyMoney is a social enterprise that sells quality solar lights in Malawi, Zambia, Kenya and Tanzania, reducing reliance on expensive, poor quality fuels such as kerosene and disposable, short life batteries.

SunnyMoney is the not-for-profit trading arm of SolarAid, a UK-based charity working to eliminate the kerosene lamp from Africa by 2020 by distributing affordable solar energy products that improve users’ lives and health. Founded in 2006 by solar industry experts, SolarAid and SunnyMoney are now the largest distributor of solar lights in Africa, selling over 400,000 across Malawi, Zambia, Kenya, and Tanzania.


Repayment term: 12 months

Repayment schedule: every 3 months

Interest rate: principal repayment only

Impact points: equivalent to 3.5% annual interest rate

Repayment Date Status
1 December 2013 Repaid
2 March 2014 Repaid
3 June 2014 Repaid
4 September 2014 Repaid


The solar technology will be deployed in Mara, a small region in the northern part of Tanzania and home to the Serengeti national park. It borders the Republic of Kenya to the north east and Lake Victoria to the north west. Mara is part of the Lake Zone area where SunnyMoney is planning their next schools campaign. There are 577 schools in Mara.

Only 15% of the population in the Lake Zone is connected to electricity. Despite of the recent mushrooming of mine industries, agriculture dominates the livelihood and economic activity of the area.

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