Solar for 600 Families in West Nile

Impact 3,600 lives with solar lighting and phone charging from smallsolutions


 - A $10,000 loan will help smallsolutions sell 600 solar products

 - smallsolutions will distribute the Sun King solo and Sun King Pro through their network of retailers and trained sales agents to provide solar lighting and cellphone charging to communities in the West Nile region of Uganda


About 88% of Ugandans live without electricity. Because of this, they rely on kerosene for lighting, which exposes them to smoke inhalation and the risk of fires. By switching to solar, health risks from indoor air pollution and fire are immediately reduced.

Kerosene is also expensive: people who use it spend a little bit each day to buy it, but over the year it adds up to 8-14% of their income. Most families also own cell phones, but because they don’t have electricity, they have to travel distances to the nearest trading center with electricity to charge it—and they have to pay every time they charge! This can eat up another 3% to 6% of income. By purchasing a solar lantern with phone charging, families can completely do away with phone charging costs by charging their own phones and generate additional income by charging their neighbors' phones.

The majority of smallsolutions' customers live in rural areas and are typically farmers who rely on seasonal crop harvests for income. They earn between $480 and $1200, and typically spend $90 to $100 on lighting and phone charging annually. By going solar, farmers can increase their disposable income and save more.



By switching from kerosene to a Sun King Solo lantern, a household is able to save about $55 per year. 









And with the Sun King Pro, they also benefit from free cellphone charging and can save almost $80 per year. 

100% Funded

By 86 People

$0 to go

out of $10,000 Target

This project is fully funded!


smallsolutions Technology Consultants is a Uganda-based social enterprise providing renewable energy and human development solutions at the grassroots level in East Africa. While smallsolutions started as a non-profit organization, it soon realized that in order to meet customer demand it should shift towards a commercially-oriented model and take control of its growth. Still, the company can't always meet the huge demand it faces for solar solutions from the communities it serves. This is where you come in!


Repayment term: 12 months

Repayment schedule: every 3 months

Interest rate: Principal repayment only

Impact points: Equivalent to 3.5% annual interest

Repayment Date Status
1 August 2013 Repaid
2 November 2013 Repaid
3 February 2014 Repaid
4 May 2014 Repaid


The project will take place in the West Nile Region near the border of Congo to the west and near the border of South Sudan to the north, in the districts of Arua, Koboko, Yumbe, Moyo and Nebbi.

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