Solar village in Palawan

Provide financing for solar lighting and cell phone charging for 500 people

Project summary
This $4,000 loan to Hybrid Social Solutions Inc. (HSSi) will bring 100 solar powered lamps with mobile phone charging capability to households in the islands of Palawan. This will enable roughly 500 people to gain more productive hours each day to pursue livelihood opportunities, study, and spend meaningful time with their families. Palawan is a particularly remote area of the Philippines. Many households in this area have no choice other than kerosene for light during the long nighttime hours.
HSSi solar energy business overview
HSSi carries a line of solar home appliances that enable users to harness the power of the sun to meet their everyday needs.  This line includes lamps, lights, mobile phone chargers, power boxes and other low-power DC home devices.  Their products are distributed with the support of rural cooperatives and microfinance organizations that are rooted in the communities they support, and can provide financing to end-users.
Project impact
Since mid 2010 HSSi has deployed nearly 7,000 solar systems, bringing a clean and renewable source of light to over 30,000 Filipinos. Third party research conducted on their solar product has found that the impact is significant. One particularly interesting finding showed that in addition to reducing expenses, solar technology enables families to earn additional income. 
Results of the impact assessment include:
- P 1,400 ($30) additional monthly income
- P 340 ($8) monthly savings from kerosene and phone charging
- 2 hours saved per week in transit time
- Children spend 45% more time studying each day (35 mins/day)
- 97% of users feel safer and healthier
Given this information, this $4,000 dollar loan is expected to have the following annual impact:
Sari-sari store owner’s story
Because the power supply is cut for several hours each day, Aling Nene used to close her sari-sari store at sunset. Since acquiring a solar lamp, she now keeps her store open well into the night, longer than any other sari-sari store in town. She earns on average an extra Php 400 pesos per night, an increase of 50% in her daily revenue.
Fruit farmer’s story
Aling Susana harvests rambutan and lanzones from her backyard. By using her solar lamp to guard her fruit trees and scare away bats at night, she increased her harvest and earned enough extra income to buy a motorcycle. Now, she is able to transport her fruits to town conveniently without walking or waiting for public transportation, saving her time and money.
Project technology
The product that will be deployed using this loan is the Sun Transfer 2.

- 3 settings for light: low / medium / high)
- Hours of light with full battery:
Low: at least 200 hours
Medium: at least 42 hours
High: at least 18 hours
- Remote power on/off switch (cable 3m)
Mobile charger
-USB cable with 8 adapters for the most common mobile phones
- High-power LED: 90-100 lumen/W
Module: 2 Wp crystalline silicon solar module with aluminum frame and tempered glass
Optional power extension up to 4Wp
Battery: durable, long life GEL-battery 6V / 4.5 Ah
Water and dust resistant, standard IP 65 

100% Funded

By 62 People

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out of $4,000 Target

This project is fully funded!


Hybrid Social Solutions Inc. (HSSi) is a social distribution company that provides those in need with high-quality and affordable solutions to problems of access. They distribute products, educate users and ensure service in order to improve lives and generate lasting change. HSSi’s distribution network is built around relationships with partner organizations. They have formed strategic partnerships with socially-oriented inventors and manufacturers who create innovative products designed to address the needs of off-grid communities. NGOs, corporate supporters and volunteers help them broaden and deepen their impact through outreach events coordinated with the Stiftung Solar Energy Foundation.


Term: 9 months

Payment dates: Monthly

Interest rate: Principal repayment only

Impact points*: Equivalent to 3.5% annual interest


This project is fully repaid as of May 2013!


At least 20 million Filipino live without access to electricity, roughly 20% of the total population. More than 17 million drink unsafe water, and more children under the age of 5 die from indoor air pollution than any other disease.

The islands of Palawan are a gorgeous expanse in southwestern Luzon. However, nearly half of all families in Palawan lack access to electricity, a total population of roughly 500,000. In many municipalities, including Taytay and El Nido, the situation is quite a bit worse, with over 90% of villages lacking access to electricity.

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