SunFunder is a business with a mission to propel off-grid solar energy around the world. We specialize in a relationship-centered, efficient and scalable customer partnerships with solar businesses and provide short-term inventory and project finance loans for them to achieve scale.


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Partner Selection Process

SunFunder engages in a rigorous process to identify and select solar partners that have a long-term potential to make an impact:

Step 1: Screening
Step 2: Due Diligence Process
Step 3: Internal Review and Loan Execution
Step 4: Partnership Launch
Step 5: Monitoring


Partners must meet a basic set of criteria in order to fundraise for a project.

  1. You are a registered for-profit or non-profit entity that employs a commercial approach to providing affordable solar products and services to off-grid communities in Asia, Africa, Latin America and/or the Caribbean. Please note that SunFunder is currently focusing on projects in East Africa.

  2. You have a successful track record to date. You’re post-pilot/demonstration phase and have been operating for at least 1 year in the markets that you serve.

  3. You distribute high quality, proven technology and provide after-sales services such as extended warranty or maintenance plan.

  4. You are able to provide impact measurements for your projects, including economic savings and other social/ environmental benefits for the communities you serve.

  5. This is not a one-off project; your business plan embeds scalability over the long-term.

  6. This loan will be used as inventory and/or asset finance.

If you meet this basic set of criteria to become a partner of SunFunder and would like to learn more, please contact

Due Diligence Process

If a solar enterprise meets SunFunder’s minimum criteria, we proceed to the due diligence process. SunFunder evaluates the enterprise in a number of areas, including:

  • Implementation track record & experience
  • Technology
  • Market knowledge
  • Distribution & customer service
  • End-user payment experience
  • Impact
  • Governance
  • Operational strength
  • Risks and mitigants
  • Financial viability
  • Long-term scale potential

We will hold a series of Q&A phone calls, conduct a site visit, and ask that the enterprise submits documentation detailing its operations. These documents include:

  • Business plan 
  • Analysis of sales track record to date
  • Financials including projections, balance sheet, cash flow, income/P&L statement
  • Articles of incorporation/bylaws
  • Resumes of key management team
  • Impact tracking (template provided by SunFunder)

Internal Review and Loan Execution

SunFunder’s Project Investment Officer will submit a report to SunFunder’s Investment Committee to review the level of risk associated and the loan terms proposed for final approval.

Once approved, we will execute a Master Loan Agreement. To date, we have targeted loan agreements ranging from $50,000 to $500,000.

Our loan terms to date have ranged 12–18 months repaid on a quarterly basis, but we will consider up to 3 years. We do charge a financing cost, which varies based on the risk profile of the company determined during the due diligence process.

Partnership launch

The first project loan will typically range from $10,000 to $50,000 and be launched through our crowdfunding platform. As the solar partner builds a positive working relationship with SunFunder, subsequent project loans of larger amounts within the Master Loan Agreement can be disbursed with little administrative work and sourced through both the crowd investment platform and SunFunder’s Solar Empowerment Fund. By positive working relationship we mean reliable communication, timely repayments, and proof that the enterprise is hitting milestones determined during the Due Diligence process.


We will conduct monthly or bi-monthly partnership check-in calls to discuss status of existing projects and repayments, future project opportunities and other partnership matters and ideas. Some of our existing partners also send us Quarterly Reports as an easy way of updating us on the general business. Our pipeline team will also conduct site visits, when appropriate.

For quarterly updates we send to our funders we’ll need a status report on:

  1. Equipment order and shipment
  2. Number of units sold/distributed
  3. Unit repayment performance
  4. A quick description of what has happened since the last update and what to expect before the next update
  5. Media for story telling (particularly for crowdfunded projects)
    • Photos showing some aspect of the project’s progress (high-res files, horizontal layout, ideally standard size 1024x768 pixels)
    • Stories from the ground
    • Blog Posts
    • Videos
*Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. Investing in solar through SunFunder involves risk of principal loss. SunFunder does not guarantee repayment and does not offer a financial return on your investment.   Terms of Use   ยท   Privacy Policy