The core of the SunFunder model is strong partnerships with solar energy businesses around the world. These businesses provide affordable solar energy solutions to underserved communities, but the lack of access to financing prevents them from scaling up. By investing through SunFunder, you provide the financing that will make affordable solar energy available to people around the world. Each solar project featured on the SunFunder platform is a partnership with one of these solar businesses. SunFunder conducts due diligence on each solar partner and works with them to post projects on the platform. 

SunFunder raises and aggregates capital to finance solar projects directly from accredited and institutional investors through our Solar Empowerment Fund (SEF) note issuance and from non-accredited investors on our web platform

Accredited & Institutional Investors

Solar Empowerment Fund (SEF) is a debt facility that issues Solar Notes to accredited and institutional investors, offering a rare opportunity to invest in a diversified, vetted, and high-impact portfolio of off-grid and grid deficit solar projects with an attractive risk/return profile. In Sept 2013, SunFunder closed its first issuance of Solar Notes, raising $250,000 from four investors. These investors earned a fixed annual interest rate over 18-months.

SunFunder is continuing to fundraise from accredited and institutional investors:

  • Short-term debt with competitive returns: Investors earn an annual interest over a short Note tenor
  • Reduced risk: Protection by First Loss Capital
  • Diversified, high impact portfolio: Investors support a diverse, tangible portfolio of high impact off-grid and grid deficit solar projects and businesses in multiple countries/regions.

Due to regulations, you need to be an accredited investor for us to get back to you with more information.


Who can invest in Solar Empowerment Fund?
Accredited investors can invest in Solar Empowerment Fund. Click here for more information on accredited investors.

What type of return can I expect from my Solar Empowerment Fund investment?
Due to regulations, we cannot share investment returns online, but please send an email inquiry using the link above for more detailed information.



Non-accredited investors (which is most people) anywhere in the world can invest as little as $10 in any of the projects listed on Once a project is fully funded, SunFunder facilitates low-cost financing to the solar partner to fund the implementation of the project. As the projects get repaid, they earn their investment back which they can invest again or withdraw. SunFunder does not currently provide interest to these investors due to securities regulatory challenges. However, solar partners do pay a modest interest rate on the financing that they receive. We pass on the interest back to these investors as Impact Points. These Impact Points can only be reinvested into other projects, they can not be withdrawn.

Anyone can invest in our crowdfunding projects.

*Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. Investing in solar through SunFunder involves risk of principal loss. SunFunder does not guarantee repayment and does not offer a financial return on your investment.   Terms of Use   ยท   Privacy Policy