Do I receive interest payments? 

Due to complex securities and investment regulations that vary from country to country, we are currently only able to provide investors with repayment of their principal investment. In other words, you can earn your money back, but beyond that, things start to get complicated. We are hard at work to make SunFunder an investment platform that offers additional value to investors beyond the return of principal. We currently do this through our Impact Points program for crowdfunders and through Solar Empowerment Fund for accredited and institutional investors.


What are Impact Points?

While SunFunder does not currently provide interest to investors due to securities regulatory challenges, the solar partners will be paying a modest interest rate on the financing that they receive. We currently provide additional value to investors by allowing them to direct the reinvestment of this interest through our Impact Points program.

Here’s how it works. 100 Impact Points represents $1, but Impact Points cannot be converted into money and investors cannot withdraw Impact Points. However, just like the principal repayment that you receive, Impact Points can be used to reinvest in more solar projects and grow your impact. When you invest using Impact Points, 100% of the investment will be repaid with more Impact Points, which can be reinvested again, giving you an opportunity to grow your impact.


How does my solar company become a SunFunder solar partner?

We partner with solar energy businesses and organizations that provide affordable and scalable solar energy solutions in emerging economies. If you’re a solar business interested in partnering with SunFunder, please review our criteria and contact us at partners@sunfunder.com if you think we are a good fit.


Who can invest?

Anyone, anywhere in the world. Woohoo!


How do I withdraw my money?

99% of our funders never withdraw and reinvest their account credit in other projects either manually or by opting in to our automatic revolving investment. By reinvesting, they avoid transaction fees so this is the most efficient way to grow our impact. But if you choose to withdraw, you'll have the option to do that from your My Impact page when you have credit in your account. You will have to provide the email address that is linked to your PayPal account for us to process the withdrawal. If you do not wish to create a PayPal account, email us at connect@sunfunder.com so we can wire you the funds. We will need your bank account information to initiate the wire transfer and several business days to verify the bank account information. In all cases, SunFunder will bear the transaction cost involved.


How does SunFunder make money?

SunFunder makes money by receiving a modest capital sourcing fee and a small portion of the interest paid by the solar partner. (The vast majority of the fee covers online transaction costs.) When you invest through SunFunder, 100% of the investment you make funds your project.

We believe that sustainable, commercially oriented models will be required to achieve the scale and mobilize the amount of capital necessary to truly move the needle on addressing the big challenges of energy access and global warming. That’s exactly what we’re setting out to do.


Are there risks when I invest?

Yes. Like any investment, there will be risks when you invest through SunFunder, including risks associated with the solar partners, their customers, the technology, and currency exchange rates. Most of the risks will be mitigated through due diligence, transaction structuring, and other measures, and the SunFunder team has a strong and successful track record in managing solar investment risks. 


How can I change the password to my account?

You must be logged out of your account to reset your password. Once logged out, go to this page and click "Forgot your password?" to start the password reset process. 

*Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. Investing in solar through SunFunder involves risk of principal loss. SunFunder does not guarantee repayment and does not offer a financial return on your investment.   Terms of Use   ยท   Privacy Policy